Weight Loss & Ultimate Wellness | Malibu Canyon Medical Spa Calabasas
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Weight Loss & Ultimate Wellness

We are delighted to be part of your new journey of a healthy life style. Through the years, we have delivered to many people the bodies they asked for and this is due to our trainers, classes, equipment, and staff which add up to an environment in which members like to spend lots of time to work out. We want you to feel like your whole life just got better. We want you to be surrounded by a world that serves as a monument to how successful we have been at changing bodies. Tangible reminders that anything is possible, the only limit being one’s own imagination and energy.


Shape & Wellness Value Package Includes:

  • 36 work out sessions with your personal trainer
  • Monthly Vitamin IV Therapy
  • Complete Blood and Hormone test
  • One on One consultation with our most recognized and experienced doctor.
  • Complimentary diet and work out evaluation once a month

Hormone balance program for our members upon complete evaluation and consultation is available!

For more information and to schedule your free consultation please contact our Representative,

Pedram D. at 818- 220-7378 or email pedram@malibucanyonmedspa.com