RF Aesthetic Therapy | Microneedling | Malibu Canyon Medical Spa Calabasas
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Radio Frequency Aesthetic Therapy

Radio frequency waves boost blood circulation and cell renewal processes. Additionally, this treatment lifts facial muscles gradually over time giving the look of a mini-facelift without surgery. Furthermore, the shape of face become improved since cheek skin is tautened and the dropping eyelids and under-eye bags are significantly reduced.

We combine this revolutionary treatment with Microneedling to provide an ultimate solution for those looking to lift sagging skin on the face and neck areas. It can also be effective in treating acne and stretch marks.

Microneedling Device
microneedling on face


Micro Needling is a treatment for fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation (brown spots), and can improve the skin’s overall appearance. During the treatment, tiny needles are used to create micro injuries to the skin. This will stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin. Micro Needling creates tiny micro channels that allow topical treatments (such as PRP + stem cells) to be absorbed into the skin. The results will be improvement of the skin’s overall appearance.