L’ACRIMA® Dermal Density Factor | Malibu Canyon Medical Spa Calabasas
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L’ACRIMA® Dermal Density Factor

Over the past several years we have been involved in the development of highly effective yet simple to use skincare products, based on a naturally existing phenomenon we were the first to identify; known as the Dermal Density Factor (DDF).


The DDF is the index used to determine the strength and elasticity of the skin. It is with this discovery in mind, that we set out to create a superior line of natural products that directly increase the DDF of your skin. After years of anti-aging research, the L’ACRIMA Skincare line was born.


This unique system of products are based on CATECHIN active compounds which act on the dermis by donating a positive ionic charge that neutralize free radicals and other stressors to the skin. This CATECHIN delivery system can dramatically improve the skin’s DDF, and truly “Give Back What Life Takes Away.”

CATECHIN Active Facial Cleanser

The Catechin Active Facial Cleanser is applied using a moist cotton application pad, or with the tips of the fingers. Massage the cleanser into damp skin in circular motions and rinse with war water. This process should be completed in the morning and at night.

CATECHIN Facial Active Day Support

Apply cream once in a day in your morning regimen with gentle circular motion, after cleansing.

CATECHIN Active Eye Area Rvitalizer

Lightly apply the eye cream in a tapping motion around the under eye, and crows feet area. Lightly massage into the skin. The eye revitalizer should be applied in the morning and at night after cleansing.

CATECHIN Facial Active Night Support

Apply cream once in a day in your evening regimen with gentle circular motion, after cleansing.