IV Vitamin Therapy | IV Drips | Malibu Canyon Medical Spa in Calabasas
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IV Vitamin Therapy

While IV vitamin therapy isn’t new — 50 years ago dr. Meyer treated fatigue and depression with his injectable “Myers’ Cocktail” of, among other things, B6, B12, and magnesium — the practice is enjoying a resurgence of late, thanks to customized, tailor-made-for-you IV drips designed to treat whatever ails you.


Can’t sleep? Flood your veins with vitamin D! Suffer from digestive problems? Mainline folic acid! Problem is, there’s scant medical evidence to prove it works. Earlier this year, the FDA limited the distribution of injectable vitamin C, which could be an ominous sign about the agency’s position on IV vitamin therapy in general. This though some doctors have for years been prescribing mega doses of vitamin C to alleviate symptoms of multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, even cancer.


At Canyon Medical Med Spa, Dr. David Vesco with his 40 years of experience has taken the IV therapy to the next level by developing the perfect boosting juice that are the essential vitamins each body needs for complete maintenance and restoration.